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GL Voice Solutions Inc.

was founded in 2003 to help businesses with their voice and data communications. Since our inception, we have helped businesses from a broad spectrum of sizes and industries lower and control infrastructure costs and successfully deploy communications technology solutions.

Are You


. . . by the rapidly changing technology industry?

Don’t worry…

Our main focus is to drive down your costs!

We are not a vendor. . .

We represent our customers interests with their vendors.

  • We help our customers choose the right voice, data, wireless and cloud products, and we negotiate contracts, giving our clients options.
  • We meet customer’s budget, time frame and create well thought out solutions to your needs. Provide back up and plan escape routes, in the event things don’t go as planned.
  • We provide complete project management making sure the products and services chosen are delivered on time, as promised.
  • We audit all invoices, correct the inevitable errors and procure refunds, if appropriate. We reduce overall communications costs while promoting reliability and functionality for future growth.
  • Invoices are managed, providers are consolidated, verified, and aligned with your communications expectation.

We’re an independent telecommunication firm, specializing in auditing communications bills, including Cloud Management, data services, billing errors, refunds and consolidation services. We have a strong background in implementations, data network design, project management and system procurement.

decorative quote markGary is an avid believer in doing the job right that suits the customer’s needs best. He doesn’t go out of his way to up sell you options, instead, he focuses on your needs and cost saving measure whereever possible. In the end, he produces results that surpass expectations.

 – J. Scarbrough


We are a team of highly experienced communications experts with a no-nonsense approach that will assist you, where you need it. We never receive compensation from any vendor or carrier assuring we are an advocate for your best interests without hindrance or bias.

& Un-Biased

We are a member of the Society of Communications Technology Consultants International (SCTC), the  organization of dedicated communications consultants covering everything from hospitals, manufacturing to cargo and logistic companies.

Society of Communications Technology Consultants International


Our custom communications expense software audits your current carriers, verifies usage, rates, taxes, and tariff, are compared against your contract. This confirms that the final costs are accurate or not.

In addition, it provides an accurate inventory of all the services that you utilize. And are verified against your location requirements. 

Our software works with any carrier: ATT, Verizon, Windstream, T Mobile, Sprint, Nextel, wireless carriers, cellular, landlines, Including PRI, SIP, VOIP, Hosted, Cloud, Centrex, POTS, MPLS, data networks. broadband service providers etc…

If errors are found (and they usually are) we have the errors corrected and apply for refunds due to your company.

Choosing New Technology

We send a request for proposal, specifying your requirements and desires to the vendors you wish to consider. We weigh the responses and present them to you, giving you the best options available for your situation. This allows you to select the service providers,  that meets your needs.

Our experience with all types of vendors provides insight beyond what can be found online. Creating a manageable solution to your communications needs.

Project Management

Vendor’s promise complete installation, but is it painless?

Your communications network is made up of many pieces and one wrong move can affect many other functions.

We see the problems and avoid them before they become problems, consider everything and make sure that what the vendor promised, is delivered, on-time and on-budget. No surprises.

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