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Businesses are overpaying their contracted rates along with erroneous taxes, fees, and surcharges and continue to do so, month after month.


That is a fact!

Most businesses do not review their communications invoices correctly.

They use spreadsheets and compare their current invoices to last months and if it’s within a 3-5 % difference, the bills are paid.


The result:

Inaccurate or duplicate charges compound month by month.

Communications invoices are a maze of complexity and rarely accurate. 


You have many different providers and contracted prices and there are over 25 different taxes, fees, surcharges that vary state by state.


If someone is tasked with reviewing each invoice, line by line, that person does not have the specialized knowledge, or software required to spot errors.


If you do, correcting them is very difficult and negotiating full refunds impossible if you do not know the rules. Most companies accept 2-3 months and move on.


We are specialized communications expense advocates.


We have the industry knowledge and specialized software needed to conduct a full communication expense audit.


We find errors you cannot, we correct them and we recover FULL overpayments.


Contact us and let us put our knowledge and software to work for you!

Gary, thank you so much. I just received a check from Verizon for $80,000.00. In addition, lowering my monthly bill from $3,800.00 per month to the $800.00 a month was unexpected and we are thrilled. I highly recommend your services to anyone…

–  A Mid-Sized Cargo and Freight Handling Company

Our Raleigh office was in a bind when our service provider was unable provided us with dial tone or a timely solution to our phone problems. Our corporate headquarters IT department working with our local office brought in GL Voice Solutions and his team, who literally came to our rescue, offering a solution and implementing it to solve our problem. Thank you GL Voice, for a job well done.

–  C. Hertlein, Kerry Rockford Enterprises

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