Choosing Technology

Communication – with the right hardware and software – is vital to the running of almost every business.


You did your homework and researched all the products that address your needs and even read the reviews.


You compile a list of vendors and request more information.


 You receive their responses and everyone looks great so you choose one!

Then tragedy…

The hype doesn’t match the results and you are left with two choices; start over or create a slew of follow up projects to address the shortfalls.


Gary (CEO, GL Voice Solutions Inc.) is one of the most knowledgeable Voice & Data consultants that I’ve worked with. He’s been there and done that and understands whats needed and how to explain the tech jargon and solutions in simple terms.

This allows CFO’s and CEO’s to make informed decisions, instead of being convinced by salesmen and technology departments that like to “play” with the latest shiny objects.

GL Voice takes the time to understand individual business requirements and how to drill down to them quickly to find the best overall solutions.

Trustworthy, Ethical and Reliable… I’d certainly recommend calling GL Voice Solutions for your Voice & Data needs.

– M. Barcus, Entrepreneur & Client

We know the Tech…



We spend every day working with most vendors and know the strengths and weaknesses of each. Real world experience vs marketing produced hype.


We will understand your communications goals and existing environment and issue a Request For Proposal on your behalf. We weigh the answers and inject our experience with the vendors to help you make the best choice possible.


When you add years of communications experience to your vendor choice decision, better results are no accident. Profit from our experience, contact us before you sign a contract that could possibly hinder your business growth, not accelerate it.

Still undecided?

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